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Grenergy established in 2010 headquarter in Longgang Shenzhen is an Hi tech enterprise which specializes in design manufacturing and marketing of Lithium battery system and power solution With high R D technology reliable quality and professional service Grenergy meets customer s demand for customized products Grenergy s products are mainly used in the field of Balance Scooter Electric Scooter Electric Bicycle Electric Motorcycle Golf Car Solar Street Light Solar Storage Telecom Communication station SLA replacement and etc Grenergy launched a powerful production plant in Shenzhen 10000 square meters and more than 200 employees daily output can reach 5000packs Warmly welcome OEM ODM...

Categories and Products

LiFePO4 Battery

3.2V LiFePO4 Battery Cell

LiFePO4 18650 3.2V/volt 18650 battery 1500mAh 3.2V LiFePO4 batteries for solar battery 3.2V rechargeabe lithium battery LiFePO4 battery cells 3.2V 80Ah LiFePO4 rechargeable battery batteries 3.2V 500mAh Rechargeable AA Lithium Batteries Best Recharge D Batteries for Electronics 3.2V 14500 AA LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery 3.2V LiFePO4 Rechargeable Solar battery batteries Small lithium battery cell 14500 500mAh 3.2V LiFePO4 cells 3.2V 600mAh AA Size Lithium Rechargeable Batteries Long Cycle Life 3.2V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 3.2V 20Ah lifepo4 flat battery cell LiFePO4 prismatic cell 3.2V 10Ah battery LiFePO4 battery cell 3.2V 10Ah 7768256 LiFePO4 battery 3.2V 10Ah li ion 9075170 Li battery 3.2V 20Ah LiFePO4 battery 3.2V 20Ah cell Flat lifepo4 battery cell 3.2V 20Ah 

LiFePO4 Battery Pack

LiFePO4 marine battery 12V 20Ah 48V 20Ah LiFePO4 battery pack 26650 rechargeable LiFePO4 battery pack Lithium iron motorcycle battery replacement LiFePO4 battery pack 26650 3S1P 9.6V 3200mAh with PCB/wire/connector for solar 12 Volt Deep Cycle Backup LiFePO4 Battery Pack 36V 20Ah Best Cheap Rechargeable Lithium Iron Battery Marine Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery LiFePO4 battery 12V 12V Lithium Ion Car Battery Large Capacity 100Ah Lithium Phosphate Battery and New Lithium Ion Batteries 6.4V 500mAh Lithium Double AA Batteries 12V 9Ah LiFePO4 Best Rechargeable AA Batteries 3.2V 1100mAh Recharge Lithium AA Batteries Lithium 12 Volt Recharge Car Battery Replacement 12V 16Ah Custom Rechargeable Golf Trolley Lithium Battery 24V 15Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack 8 Series Cheap 12V 40Ah Li Iron Car Battery Pack 3.2V 50Ah Single LiFePO4 Battery Cell for Car 22.4V 16.5Ah LiFePO4 battery pack for electric bicycle LiFePO4 battery 48V prismatic cell winston 

Lithium Ion Battery

3.7V Lithium Ion Battery Cell

Lithium 18650 3.7 v 2200mAh rechargeable batteries 3.7V 700mAh AA Size Lithium Battery Li-ion battery 26650 battery 5000mAh for vaping 18650 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Cell 18350 3.7V 800mAh Single Cell Lithium Ion Battery 26650 li ion vape battery Best Lithium ion high drain 18650 2200mAh cells 14430 AAA size lithium batteries rechargeable 3.7V 500mAh 3.7V 2200mAh 18650 Size Li-ion Battery Cell 3.7V 600mAh AA Lithium Ion Battery 2000mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable AA Batteries and Charger 3.7 lithium ion rechargeable battery cells 3.7V 4000mAh one lithium ion battery cell Li polymer battery 3.7V 10000mAh Li-polymer battery 3.7V 10000mAh li batery 

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

7.4V 800mAh Lithium Double AA Rechargeable Batteries 12V Lithium Ion Battery Rechargeable Battery With Charger Cheap Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Scooter 24 Volt New Rechargeable Batteries Lithium Ion Battery Recharge D lithium batterries 36V 4.4Ah for electronics 12 Volt 10Ah Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery 18650 14.8v 2200mAh Rechargeable Lion Batteries for Sale 18650 14.8V 4400mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery 12V 4AH Custom Litium Ion Battery Packs 48V 20Ah Large Lithium Battery for Electric Motorcycle 12V 30Ah lithium ion batterie, 18650 batteries 12 Volt Rechargeable 3 Cell Lithium Ion Battery Pack lithium ion rechargeable 18650 li battery 3.7v 2200mah Rechargeable Battery Lithium 12V 18AH Liion Battery Pack li ion rechargeable batteries 18.5V 30 amp 18650 lithium battery 12V 7Ah Lithium Replacement Batteries Battery For Cars 3.7V 2250mAh 1S3P Cheap AA Rechargeable Batteries The lithium ion rechargeable li battery 11.1V 5600mAh 18650 lithium ion battery cell for flashlight battery 18650 lithium ion cells for vaping 

Lithium Polymer Battery

3.7V Lithium Polymer Battery Cell

Cheap Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries Pack Discount rechargeable lithium ion battery batteries 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium polymer battery 3.7V 1300mAh, 503566 lipo battery New Rechargeable Batteries 3.7 V Lipo battery 200mAh 3.7V 800mAh Small Lipo Battery Small rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery 3.7V 200mAh Lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery lipo cells Lithium ion small lipo battery 3.7V 150mAh 402025 Buy Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Battery 803466 Lipo Battery for Tablet and Mobile Phone 403048 600mAh Lipo Batteries for Digital Cameras Wholesale 3.7V 100mAh lipo battery 603048 3.7v 900mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Digital Batteries 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium polymer small battery 

Lithium Polymer Battery Pack

12V 12Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery 12V RC Car Lipo Battery Pack Lithium polymer batteries 7.4V 200mAh 25C best li polymer battery Lithium ion polymer battery pack 11.1V 2200mAh 25C discharge rate 30C Rc batteries Large lithium ion aircraft battery 11.1V 6000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer RC Battery for Drone 2 Cell Polymer Lithium Ion Battery Voltage 7.4V 603450 Lion Rechargeable Lipo Batteries for POS Machine Lithium polymer rechargeable battery 11.1V 8000mAh 3S1P The best lithium ion polymer battery 1800mAh 600Ah UPS Backup Lithium Polymer Battery Packs 803496 11.1V Cheapest RC Toy Lipo Battery Pack 8050150 11.1v 20C 5000mAh Custom RC Battery Packs 48V 40Ah Lithium Polymer Battery with Case 11.1V 3S Lipo Battery 5000mAh 603465 7.4V Lithium Polymer Battery for Medical Equipment 

Electric Bike Battery

36V The Electric Bike Lithium Ion Battery Transportation 36V Power Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack Lithium ion rechargeable battery 36V 10Ah e-bike car batteries Best high capacity lithium ion rechargeable batteries 18650 Lithium ion rechargeable battery pack 24V 8.8Ah for motorcycle Rechargeable lithium battery with charger for motorcycle car 12V 10Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack for Electric Bicycle 36V 18650 Lithium Battery Pack for E Bike Battery Replacement 48V 12Ah 18650 Lithium Battery Pack For Electric Bike Grenergy battery for e bike & motor Best Small 12V Motorcycle Battery 10Ah 23A 12V Best Deep Cycle Motorbike Battery 48V 20Ah 1000W Lithium Ion Battery for Ebike 12V 20Ah Rechargeable Lifepo4 EBike Battery Pack 36V 14Ah Li Ion Electric Bicycle Battery Pack 36V Water Bottle Type Battery for Bicycle 36V 10Ah Custom Lifepo4 Battery Pack for Bicycle 72V 20Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack 36V Folding 3 Wheels Electric Bicycle Li Battery 48V Li Ion 1000W Electric Bike Battery 

Hoverboard Battery

36V 4.4AH Best Lithium Ion Battery for Hoverboard 36V hoverboard lithium battery 32v 18650 Hoverboard Replacement Battery Pack samsung battery for hoverboard 60v Replacement Battery Pack For Hoverboard hoverboard safe lithium battery samsung 3.7V li ion battery for hoverboard safe hoverboard lg battery 18650 lithium battery pack for hoverboard 36V 4.4Ah Safe Li-ion Rechargeable hoverboard battery 36v 48V 12Ah lithium battery for electricd scooter 

Solar Street Light Battery

12V Li Ion Battery Pack Replacement Rechargeable Batteries 12V 40Ah Li Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack High Quality Lithium Ion Battery 12V 12 Volt 40Ah Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack 12V 80Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Solar Street Light 12V 80Ah solar storage battery 

Solar Battery

Lithium iron phosphate 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 storage battery Rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle Battery Pack 50Ah 24V Solar Power Storage Battery 12V 30Ah 18650 rechargeable LiFePO4 battery for solar panel battery storage 24V 100Ah solar energy 18650 lithium batteries storage for solar panels Best Batteries for solar battery solution 48V 50Ah LiFePO4 Best home solar battery pack 12V 150Ah 48V 100Ah Deep Cycle Solar Battery Bank 12 volt 7Ah Home Battery Storage for Solar 12V 20Ah Portable Storage Battery Pack for Solar Panels 12V 100Ah Solar System Lithium ion LiFePO4 Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery 12V 100Ah For Solar Solar energy sotrage battery 12V 30Ah 

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